How it works

Categorized and open to all ages

Princess of Hearts hosts Muslim Singles Events that are both age categorized and open to all ages. We strive to make our events enjoyable and exciting, thus changing the format and theme each time. We host games nights, speed dating, dinners and outdoor events; providing a platform for Muslim Singles to meet in a safe and halal environment.

We have selected events

Selected events are of a group mingling nature, where group activities take place, whilst others are one on one introductions, such as speed dating which allows male and female participants to spend a numbered amount of time together, after which either gender switch seats enabling them to meet/chat to the next person seated.

Receive a name sticker

Participants receive a name sticker upon arrival, after which the nature of the programme is explained, prior to the event kicking off.

Bring a mahram, friend or family member

Women participants are able to bring a mahram, friend or family member with, for support. However they are permitted to attend the event solo too, if they so wish.

Opportunity to mingle

After the programme finishes, participants have the opportunity to mingle with those that caught their eye. This is generally when contact numbers are exchanged. For the introverted/ shy participant, Princess of Hearts staff are happy to assist with the exchange of contact info and private introductions, where possible.

2 - 3 hours long

The events are generally between 2-3 hours long.

*** Due to long lines and no shows, no cash at the door is accepted any longer. Only EFT’s, bank deposits and online payments will secure your booking.