Aslm everyone, I hope this finds you all in the sweetest and most serene state of being, as we currently undertake the blessed month of Ramadan.

This months blog post i can undoubtedly say, is inspired by the notion of true love for the sake of Allah. Afterall, is there any love better than this?!

In saying this, however, how many of us actually know what true love for the sake of Allah is?, and better yet, how many of us have experienced it, or are preparing themselves to experience it, in anticipation of meeting our beloved souls other half?

I think this subject would be a topic for debate amongst many people/academics and scholars. However, this being my blog post, i am going to verbalise what my belief set is when it comes to true love for the sake of Allah, in the most abbreviated manner possible.

We live in such a western culture, and trust me i grew up in Australia, it doesn’t get any more western than that lol…and when i say western, even the way we are brought up to love and be loved, is in a manner that isn’t quite conducive to what the islamic perspective of love is, or should be acknowledged as.

I’m going to go way back, to when you were a baby, born pure and free from all sins and traits. The mannerisms and characteristics you adopted growing up, thus becoming your disposition, later in life, all play a part in the person you end up being. Right?. So say, you were raised in a household where love was given and received freely, you would become someone accustomed, and lets say, receptive to that type of behaviour. On the flip side, had you been raised in an environment where there was a lack of love shown to you, chances are you would then adopt/mimic that very same behaviour. In both cases unless conscious effort is made to change the mindset/ behavioural patterns, they will be passed on from generation to generation.

So when i say western culture, that is what i mean. The manner in which we are raised. Because lets face it, no matter where you live, if you are able to actually read this blog post on my website, you are living in a western society.

Furthermore, before i delve into true love for the sake of Allah. Lets get into, love, just love, not for the sake of Allah. Many Muslims are confusing this love as something that is permissible and acceptable, totally blindsided by the role shaytan plays in it.

Again this is what we are conditioned to believe, growing up in the western world, this is what a lot of our Muslim Ummah believe love to be…. they believe it is falling in love at first sight, physical intimacy like hugging and kissing is desired every spare moment, not thinking of any consequences (islamically). they think love is staying up until the wee hours of the morning on the telephone sharing your innermost secrets. Love is proving your commitment and loyalty to each other by indulging in haram sexual relations. They don’t see this love in any way as being displeasing to their Creator, i mean why would they, it feels too euphoric for it to be wrong, right?! Shaytan fools them into believing that their love is pure and true, there will be internal debates and justifications to make themselves believe this. But sadly, without avail, this “love” then turns out to be a painful, excruciatingly heartbreaking experience for the afflicted parties when it all comes crumbling down. Little do they know they fell into the trap of shaytan and that Allah would never bless a union that defied the laws of the shariah.

So many of us, Muslims, human beings, have fallen into the trap of “fake or western” love. But how many of us learn from our mistake, repent and promise not to return to it? I guess that is a subject to chat about another day…

For now though, lets chat about true love for the sake of Allah. What does this beautiful and rare figure of speech mean?! It lightens my heart, this majestic feeling. True love for the sake of Allah, is meeting someone and perhaps falling in love at first sight, but refraining from ones innermost desires as not to taint this love in the eyes of your Creator. It is after all, so precious and rare, meeting someone and loving them from the depths of your soul, and the last thing you would ever want is to cause them any hurt or pain. It is loving someone with so much conviction that you would never want Allah to punish them for committing any sins with you. It isn’t staying up all night until the wee hours of the morning on the phone chatting with them, it is staying up all night or getting up early hours in the morning for tahajjud, and making dua for them every single chance you get. For their wellbeing, for Allah to guide them and protect them. True love for the sake of Allah is loving someone with no condition. It’s love in its simplest form. It is loving them for being a fellow slave of Allah SWT, someone that you ultimately want to meet again in Jannah. True love for the sake of Allah is complete and utter acceptance of another being, wanting to nurture and assist with any healing they may need, but never wanting to change them. I can really go and on and on. True love for the sake of Allah really has no end.

Two main points in true love for the sake of Allah, is 1, always remembering Allah SWT in the love you have for the person and 2, not being constricted and tempted by Shaytan to live in the moment and to act spontaneously or impulsively. True love for the sake of Allah is patient as it is long term and insightful.

I know that was a very brief mull over, of what isn’t and what is true love for the sake of Allah, but i hope i have planted a seed to someone out there, which will assist in acting with wisdom and faith, when approaching love as a believing Muslim/ Muslimah.

In my head i always liken it to, “if it starts bad or wrong, it’ll end the same way and if it starts in a manner Allah was pleased with, it’ll end in a manner that you’re pleased with”

Allah knows best. Our Muslim Ummah is in dire straits at the moment, with so many immoral, treacherous and down right scary things taking place, all over the world. The time has come when holding onto your faith will become like holding onto hot coals. I truly believe it is our duty to help guide each other, one and all.

I hope this article has been thought provoking to you, and if it has brought you even an inch closer to your Creator, then alhamdullilah my
work is done. Never forget Allah is the Oft Forgiving, Most Merciful and that no sin is too great for Him to pardon

I would really like my next blog post to be about soul mates/ twin souls. Stay tuned!!!

I wish you all the best for the remainder of Ramadan, may it be fruitful and filled with khair and barakat, In Sha Allah.

Sending so much love, positivity and healing energy,