Aslm and welcome to Princess of Hearts which is a Muslim Match Making service, whilst journeying into so much more (In Sha Allah)

Due to the encouragement i constantly receive about commencing a blog pertaining to what i do,
I have finally decided to take the plunge and emerge into the wonderful world of blogging.
Yes, thats me being optimistic about it being wonderful, but lets see what the future holds lol.

The intention behind this is to give all my clients, random people, the universe, an insight into what happens
behind the scenes in the world of a professional match maker.

I want to share my experiences, thoughts, opinions and even advice, with all the singles out there, to assist
you all in the quest to find love, and when you do In Sha Allah, keeping it.

I guess as with all new bloggers, this being my first blog post, i will give everyone a little insight into myself and how i
ended up being a match maker, i mean who grows up wanting to be a match maker?!, i guess our paths just choose us
sometimes though. Oh just by the way, match maker is just one of the hats i wear *boss voice*. I am so much more that
cupid, but yeah thats a story for another day.

I will also shed some light to the services i offer and hopefully provide you with a life altering experience that will enlighten and
uplift you, that will have you coming back for more and more. Lol, yes, here is that optimism again.  You’re going to get that a lot
from my blog, and if you don’t tread carefully i might have you believing in yourself and love again. Yes you over there!

And if you haven’t noticed yet, i’m quite the fan of sarcasm and i live for dry humour so don’t say i didn’t warn you.

Okay, so here goes nothing…

But wait, before you proceed to read any further, please also note that i am very raw person, and that paired with my eloquence
and articulate nature, topped with my directness, might offend you. So i apologise in advance, for any offensive opinions, albeit non judgemental, because i don’t roll like that.

First things first, my name is Iman, i’m a Capricorn and i like long walks on beach. Just Kidding. Actually I’m not. Those are factual statements. Hmm, I grew up in Australia and recently moved back to Cape Town, South Africa. I come from a business background being an avid member of the corporate world in one of the biggest fuel companies around. I then studied further and delved into event management. At the time it was only for fun because events just seemed, so, fun! I am currently enrolled in an MBA that i have deferred indefinitely. Don’t judge though, i am not a quitter, i just don’t feel like the time is right, right now to be a student again, well atleast not that type of student. Presently i am a student of life, spirituality and love. My plate is full, for now.

I hosted my first Shariah compliant muslim singles events in Cape Town approximately 4 years ago, which saw over 300 single muslims of all ages connect. The idea came from my extensive travels across the world, where i stumbled upon a similar concept. So with a few tweaks and support from my stepdad who is a respected member of the Ulama in South Africa, Iman Islamic Events was born. Although the event was a success alghamdulillah with numerous nikkahs/ marriages taking place thereafter, me, Iman, as a person did not feel fulfilled in Cape Town, and thus relocated back to Australia.

Fast forward 3 years later, wiser, more experienced, content and intent to re-relocate back to Cape Town to settle down. Here i am.
I was constantly hounded by people to host another event and initially i was quite skeptical as i didn’t know if anyone would still be interested, after all i had disappeared for years. However about 11 months ago, i gathered all my courage, said Bismillah and hosted my second event. With a turnout of approximately 200 people, i knew that my services was still direly required, even more so than before.

Fast forward again to December 2018, i have approximately hosted 10 events throughout the duration of this year, saw about 20 couples tie the knot, with another 3 or 4 couples to do so in the next month or two In Sha Allah…and wait for it, for the last 9 months or so, have extended my service profile to now include private one on one match making. So now, apart from hosting events i organise blind dates for clientele that are either on the introverted or private side. Honestly speaking, hosting match making events is not a walk in the park, especially when you are perfectionist like i am. I know i have been disorganised especially starting late, but thats because i tend to wait for all registered participants to arrive before commencing the programme. Also, bear in mind, this is a niche market i have created in South Africa, so i too am learning as i go. Pretty much trial and error, but In Sha Allah, Princess of Hearts will get there…

If i had to put a percentage on what is is more time consuming, it would definitely be the private match making as i source prospects that meet my clients criteria of what they are looking for and then coordinate and plan blind dates. (Like a lot of them). So if i ever take longer than expected to reply to your message/ email, please be patient with me.

I find the work i do extremely rewarding although i have moments where i want to throw the towel in as dealing with other humans, especially in the matter of the heart, can become a bit heavy emotionally and energetically. In a nutshell, this year has been a roller coaster of extremely successful events, events that went terribly wrong, lots of admin, a crazy amount of learning curves, a ton of marriages that have taken place and amazingly a bunch of impending ones. Alghamdulillah for it all, the highs, the lows- everything.

I’m not a psychologist but i have hundreds of clients that are in constant communication with me, that turn to me for advice, for uplifting and most importantly for hope. I truly feel that Allah SWT has blessed me by gifting me with the ability to only connect hearts for the sake of Him and assisting others to fulfil half of their deen. What a privilege. I will endeavour to always try my best to provide the best possible service that i can In Sha Allah.

Moving forward, i will attempt to post atleast one blog article a month or per event, but we’ll see how that goes, no promises okay.
The aim is to provide a well rounded insight into the lives of singles Muslims residing in South Africa, from my perspective and from their experience and interaction. I will definitely look into sharing some my clients thoughts and feedback around the challenges and successes of finding love in our day and age.

Please feel free to contact me via my website, email or whatsapp if you would like to share your story, leave feedback, any suggestions or need assistance in anyway that i may be able to assist with.

JazahkAllah to all for taking the time out of your day to read this, it means more than you could ever know.

Wslm and sending so much love your way,

Iman aka Princess of Hearts xx